Java simple solution WITH " explanation "

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    String []str2=str.split(" ");
     // check if the number of characters of the pattern is equal to the number of words u have .
    	        if(pattern.length()!=str2.length)return false;
    // the first HashMap stores each character with the attached word.
    	        HashMap<Character,String>x=new HashMap<Character,String>();
    //the second HashMap is to check if the word was attached to another character or not
    	        HashMap<String,String>y=new HashMap<String,String>();
    	        for (int i = 0; i < str2.length; i++) {
    					if(!str2[i].equals(x.get(pattern.charAt(i))))return false;
    					if(y.containsKey(str2[i]))return false;
    					x.put(pattern.charAt(i), str2[i]);
    					y.put(str2[i], "bo");
    	        return true;

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    the second hashmap could just be hashset

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