Python iterative solution

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    BFS based, don't know how leetcode allows assignment to str since string in python is immutable.

    class Solution(object):
    def solve(self, board):
        if not board: return
        lenth, height, stack=len(board[0]), len(board), []
        q=[[(0, height-1), [i for i in xrange(lenth)]],[[j for j in xrange(height)],(0, lenth-1)]]
        while q:
            ii, jj=q.pop()
            for i in ii:
                for j in jj:
                    if board[i][j]=='O': stack+=(i,j),
        while stack:
            if 0<=i<height and 0<=j<lenth and board[i][j]=='O': 
        for i in xrange(height):
            for j in xrange(lenth):
                if board[i][j]=='O': board[i][j]='X'
                if board[i][j]=='#': board[i][j]='O'

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