Is the memory limit too strict?

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    Is current limit put on memory too strict?
    My previous AC solution is not AC anymore due to MLE.
    I checked other's AC solution, like this one. I found it uses the exact same algorithm that I used before.
    I believe even this AC solution is barely passing the test, since it will get MLE after even a small change.
    For example: replace"Set" to the "HashSet" in first two lines or use an extra variable to hold temp substring (DNA sequence with len 10), etc.

    I believe the algorithm is correct, so I doubt whether the limit put on memory is too strict

    Below is my old AC solution which now get MLT:

    public int Char2Int(Character c){
        //ATCG can be differentiated by 2 bits
        switch (c){
            case 'A':
               return 0;
            case 'T':
                return 1;
            case 'C':
                return 2;
            case 'G':
                return 3;
        return -1;
    public int getCode(String s){
        int code = 0;
        for(int i = 0; i < s.length(); i++){
            code <<= 2;
            code |= Char2Int(s.charAt(i));
        return code;
    public List<String> findRepeatedDnaSequences(String s) {
        List<String> result = new ArrayList<String>();
        //why not use hashSet? Because we may have a match strings appear more than 2 times, we only need it once
        HashMap<Integer, Boolean> hs = new HashMap<Integer, Boolean>();
        if(s == null || s.length() < 10) return result;
        for(int i = 0; i + 9 < s.length(); i++){
            String sub = s.substring(i, i+10);//end of substring is exclusive
            int code = getCode(sub);
                if(!hs.get(code)){//if it is the second time visit this code
                    hs.put(code, true);//set to true to prevent further visit
                hs.put(code, false);
        return result;

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    Please try submitting again, I have removed the memory limit on the judge side.

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