Concise C++ Solution with min_heap, sort, greedy

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    // greedy : always change the smallest end time;
    // heap : min_heap
    // sort : sort the intervals by start time O(nlogn)
    int minMeetingRooms(vector<Interval>& intervals) {
        sort(intervals.begin(), intervals.end(), [](Interval &i, Interval &j){return i.start < j.start;});
        priority_queue<int, vector<int>, greater<int>> min_heap;
        for(auto interval : intervals){
            if(!min_heap.empty() && <= interval.start) min_heap.pop();
        return min_heap.size();

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    This post is deleted!

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    the best solution i've ever seen. thank you!

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    The best and concise C++ solution I have seen so far!

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