Python four line solution

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    class Solution(object):
    def canWinNim(self, n):
        if n % 4 is not 0:
            return True
            return False

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    Or in one line:

    def canWinNim(self, n):
        return n % 4 != 0

    Also your use of "is" is probably not intended. You aren't checking for identity between the integer objects 0 and n % 4, but the equality of their values. This will work sometimes (I believe) thanks to caching, but is not 100% guaranteed to work always.

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    You phrased it wrong, they are checking for identity and not for equality. Likely it works for -5 to 256, but I don't know about a guarantee, either. And it's definitely a bad idea unless it's used on purpose and for a good reason, which I doubt here as well :-)

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    Very Fast 36ms

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