Is there any one think this is a stupid one? Wtf difference with 2 pointers 1 pass with 1 pointer 2 pass?

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    It is meaningless to use the 2 pointers technique, you won't get benefit from that, it still has the same dereference compare to 1 pointer 2 pass.

    You want to have cache benefit when n is small?

    I hope leetcode can remove this misleading question because it encourages those people to use this "technique" to "optimize" code. It is silly.

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    I Agree. This problem is meaningless.

    There are at least three solution:

    • get the length of list in the first pass, remove the element in the second pass
    • use two pointers. keep the distance equal to n (stupid, no performance benefit, hard to program)
    • use recursion. remove the element when exiting from the recursion (very stupid, linear space usage)

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    I disagree. In real world problems, if N was equal to 10 billion, it would suck to have to go through that list twice.

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