Explain testcase "h u t" "unit test harpoon"

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    Worst problem statement ever! Please explain and re-write the problem statement.

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    Uhm, the statement is pretty clear, you have a char string pattern and you also have a string with words separated by space. Your job is to tell whether string with words matches this pattern:

    1. Each char from pattern should map to only one word ("aab"+"lol lol rofl" -> true, "aab"+"lol kek rofl" -> false)

    2. Each word should be mapped only to one char ("abc"+"one two three" -> true, "abc"+"one two one" -> false)

    3. There should be the same amount of words and chars ("aaa"+"lol lol lol" -> true, "aaaa"+"lol lol lol" -> false)

    So following these rules test case "hut"+"unit test harpoon" should return true;

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    They changed the test cases now. I got it accepted with the same code. I understood the problem very clearly by the problem statement but the test cases were contradicting. Now it seems okay. :)

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    @raj454raj You are right. When the problem was first published we had spaces in pattern. Now it was fixed.

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