Test case return incorrect result

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    when input
    'aa aa aa aa'

    leetcode give true and it should be false I think

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    Leetcode is ignoring strings with index greater than last index of pattern.

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    In the problem statement , it says in the 4th point as

    Each letter in pattern must map to a word with length that is at least 1.

    So , when we input "aaa" "aa aa aa aa" => it should return true since every letter mapped ..

    Now , if I test it with "aaa" "aa aa" => LeetCode OJ returned false .
    In reality , even here every letter mapped , only problem is last letter in pattern did not explicitly find an index in "aa aa" .

    In my opinion , the problem statement is ambiguous

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    In that case "", "beef" should return true since no letter is unmapped but OJ returns false.

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    that is why I said problem statement is not clear .

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    Thanks for pointing out the bug and now it's fixed.

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    You are welcome :)

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