Why can't use set()

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    In this problem, when my code is this:

    class Solution:
    # @param strs, a list of strings
    # @return a list of strings
    def anagrams(self, strs):
        dic = {}
        s = []
        for ele in strs:
            setS = str(sorted(set(ele)))
            if dic.has_key(setS):
                dic[setS] = [ele]
        for x in dic.itervalues():
            if len(x) >= 2:
        return s

    the answer is : wrong answer

    but if I changed the line:setS = str(sorted(set(ele))) to setS = str(sorted(ele))
    It has been accepted. I don't understand why.

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    You lose the character counts when using a set, so you'll have false-positives.

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