BFS, C++, 8ms, Beats 99.94% submissions

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    int minDepth(TreeNode* root) {
        if (root == NULL) return 0;
        queue<TreeNode*> Q;
        int i = 0;
        while (!Q.empty()) {
            int k = Q.size();
            for (int j=0; j<k; j++) {
                TreeNode* rt = Q.front();
                if (rt->left) Q.push(rt->left);
                if (rt->right) Q.push(rt->right);
                if (rt->left==NULL && rt->right==NULL) return i;
        return -1; //For the compiler thing. The code never runs here.

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    why not use

    if (rt->left==NULL && rt->right==NULL){return i;}


    if (rt->left==NULL && rt->right==NULL){flag=true;break;}

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    Thank you so much, bro! Saved me a bunch of lines. I didn't know why I did that stupid.

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    The next-to-last line "return i;" is unnecessary.

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    Exactly! Thank you! :x

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    Good solution!But why i try the code and costs 12ms and you costs 8ms?Thx.

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    After delete the "return i", it will have compile error. you may need to return a int at the end.
    Have you tried the code again?

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    Yeah, they just changed how it is compiled. I just updated the code. Thanks.

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    I have a question about the performance. why from my side, your code only beat around 30% submissions, even worse than dfs?

    I think theoretically your way should be better than the dfs. Anybody can give me a clue?

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