Time Limit Exceeded for Correct Python Solution

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    class Solution:
        def sortList(self, head):
            def mergeSort(head):
                left = head
                if left is None or left.next is None:
                    return left
                right = split(left)
                left = mergeSort(left)
                right = mergeSort(right)
                return merge(left, right)
            def split(head):
                if head is None or head.next is None:
                slow = head
                fast = head.next
                while fast is not None and fast.next is not None:
                    slow = slow.next
                    fast = fast.next.next
                right = slow.next
                slow.next = None
                return right
            def merge(left, right):
                head = Node(0)
                curr = head
                while left != None and right != None:
                    if left.val <= right.val:
                        curr.next = left
                        left = left.next
                        curr.next = right
                        right = right.next
                    curr = curr.next
                if left != None:
                    curr.next = left
                if right != None:
                    curr.next = right
                return head.next
            return mergeSort(head)

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    Where could I speed things up?

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    Questions about code you've written must describe the specific problem clearly, elaborate thoughts based on code. Please read the Discus FAQ for more info.

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    Yeah I can testify that correct Python solution gets TLE... Our solutions are about the same.

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