JAVA TLE Need Help

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    I have worked on this problem for a while. The Idea is use Dijistra 's method to find all the shortest paths to the end. After that, back trace from the end to build the result. I am using the "nape""mild" case as a test tool. On my computer, my solution consumes ~680 ms for 500 repeating of test case, while one accepted solution consumes ~930 ms.

    I am still confused why my solution gets TLE. There is no recursion, no value copying of list. I don't have any other idea to improve it.

    Any idea is appreciated.

    public class WordLadderII {
    	    public List<List<String>> findLadders(String start, String end, Set<String> dict) {
    	    	//long t1=System.currentTimeMillis();
    	        List<List<String>> results= new ArrayList<List<String>>();
    	        if (dict.size() == 0)
    				return results;
    	        int min=Integer.MAX_VALUE;
    	        Queue<String> queue= new ArrayDeque<String>();
    			Map<String,LinkedList<String>> map = new HashMap<String,LinkedList<String>>();
    			Map<String,Integer> ladder = new HashMap<String,Integer>();
    			for (String string:dict){
    			    ladder.put(string, Integer.MAX_VALUE);
    			    map.put(string, new LinkedList<String>());//Find the next
    			ladder.put(start, 0);
    			while (!queue.isEmpty()) {
    				String word = queue.poll();
    				int step = ladder.get(word)+1;
    				if (step>min) break;
    				for (int i = 0; i < word.length(); i++){
    				   StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder(word); 
    					for (char ch='a';  ch <= 'z'; ch++){
    						String new_word=builder.toString();				
    						if (ch!=word.charAt(i)&&(ladder.containsKey(new_word))&&(step<=ladder.get(new_word))) {
    						    ladder.put(new_word, step);
    						    if (new_word.equals(end))
    						}//End if dict contains new_word
    					}//End:Iteration from 'a' to 'z'
    				}//End:Iteration from the first to the last
    			}//End While
    	    	//Back Trace
    	    	for (String str:map.get(end)){
    		    	LinkedList<String> result = new LinkedList<String>();
    	    		LinkedList<String> backtrace= map.get(str);
    		    	while (backtrace.size()>0){//The recent added word is not the start
    		    		int index=backtrace.size()-1;//Find the position of the word
    		    		String back= backtrace.get(index);//Find one ancestor
    		    		result.add(0,back);//Add the ancestor to the result list
    		    		if (index>0)
    		    			backtrace.remove(index);// Remove the recent added ancestor						    		
    		    		backtrace=map.get(back);//Continue back tracking
    	    	//long t2=System.currentTimeMillis();
    	    	//System.out.print("Consumes: "+(t2-t1)+"\n");
    			return results;        

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