Short java AC solution

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        public String multiply(String num1, String num2) {
            int[] num = new int[num1.length()+num2.length()];
            int len1 = num1.length(), len2 = num2.length();
            for(int i=len1-1;i>=0;i--){
                for(int j=len2-1;j>=0;j--){
                    int temp = (num1.charAt(i)-'0')*(num2.charAt(j)-'0');
                    num[i+j] += (temp+num[i+j+1])/10;
                    num[i+j+1] = (num[i+j+1]+temp)%10;
            StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
            for(int i: num) if(sb.length()>0||i>0)  sb.append(i);
            return (sb.length()==0)?"0":sb.toString();

    multiply according to number's position.

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