Java solution by using two additional variables

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    Iterator<Integer> iterator;
    int peek_element;
    boolean peek_flag;
    public PeekingIterator(Iterator<Integer> iterator) {
        // initialize any member here.
        this.iterator = iterator;
        this.peek_flag = false;
    // Returns the next element in the iteration without advancing the iterator.
    public Integer peek() {
        if (!peek_flag) {
            peek_element =;
            peek_flag = true;
        return peek_element;
    // hasNext() and next() should behave the same as in the Iterator interface.
    // Override them if needed.
    public Integer next() {
        if (peek_flag) {
            peek_flag = false;
            return peek_element;
    public boolean hasNext() {
        return iterator.hasNext() || peek_flag;

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