Easy solution in ruby, 3 lines with O(1) space. How can i use accumulator?

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    def move_zeroes(nums)
      nums.each_with_index{|n,i| n==0 ? (zc+=1) : (nums[i-zc]=n)} ## i-zc is offset
      (nums.size-zc).upto(nums.size-1){|i| nums[i]=0}

    how to use inject(?) or other method in this solution?

    We can solve this problem by swap method, but i think that way will consume too much time for write.

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    Don't know about a really different way, but you could replace your third line with one of these:

    nums.fill(0, nums.size-zc)
    nums.fill(0, -zc) if zc > 0

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