Less than 30 line clean java solution using DFS

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    Should be very easy to understand.

    public class Solution {
        public void solveSudoku(char[][] board) {
        private boolean dfs(char[][] board, int d) {
            if (d==81) return true; //found solution
            int i=d/9, j=d%9;
            if (board[i][j]!='.') return dfs(board,d+1);//prefill number skip
            boolean[] flag=new boolean[10];
            for (int k=1; k<=9; k++) {
                if (flag[k]) {
                    if (dfs(board,d+1)) return true;
            board[i][j]='.'; //if can not solve, in the wrong path, change back to '.' and out
            return false;
        private void validate(char[][] board, int i, int j, boolean[] flag) {
            for (int k=0; k<9; k++) {
                if (board[i][k]!='.') flag[board[i][k]-'0']=false;
                if (board[k][j]!='.') flag[board[k][j]-'0']=false;
                int r=i/3*3+k/3;
                int c=j/3*3+k%3;
                if (board[r][c]!='.') flag[board[r][c]-'0']=false;

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    This is beautiful!

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