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    For Pascal's Triangle index calculation, we have an formula for it.
    Index in row k and m th is C(k,m), where C() is combinatorial number. C(k,m) = k*(k-1)...(k-m+1)/(k+1)...*1
    Using this formula, we can solve this problem quickly

       class Solution(object):
            def getRow(self, rowIndex):
                :type rowIndex: int
                :rtype: List[int]
                res = []
                for index in range(rowIndex+1):
                return res
        def combNum(self,n,k):
            numerator = 1
            denominator = 1
            for i in range(n-k+1,n+1):
                numerator = numerator * i
            for i in range(1,k+1):
                denominator = denominator * i
            return numerator/denominator

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