Simple Java code, level order traversal, link nodes at every level.

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    Not space O(1), accepted anyway. Applicable to "Populating Next Right Pointers in Each Node II"

    public void connect(TreeLinkNode root) {
    	if (root == null) return;
        Queue<TreeLinkNode> q = new LinkedList<>();
        while (!q.isEmpty()) {
        	int qlen = q.size();
        	TreeLinkNode prev = null, cur;
        	while (qlen-- > 0) {
        		cur = q.poll();
        		if (prev != null) = cur;
        		if (cur.left != null) q.offer(cur.left);
        		if (cur.right != null) q.offer(cur.right);
        		prev = cur;

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    It doesn't satisfy "constant extra space".

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