Java Simple Solution (Trie+DFS)

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    The Algorithm works as follow:

    • In the first step we build a [Trie][1] with the words received as
    • Then for each square in the board, we perform the deep first search only if the next char in the board belongs to a valid branch in the Trie;
    • At every step in the dfs, we add the current char to the string currentWord, and if the current node in the Trie is a valid word, we add this word to the final list of words.

    The class Move keeps the coordinates of the next step in the board

    The class TrieSW implements theTrie

    The method search performs the DFS

    The method possMoves retrieves the list of the possible moves from the current square

    The method isInBound check if the coordinates are in the board

    class Move {
    	int x;
    	int y;
    	public Move(int x,int y) {
    		this.x = x;
    		this.y = y;
    class TrieSW {
    	Map<Character,TrieSW> children;
    	boolean isWord;
    	public TrieSW() {
    		this.children = new HashMap<Character, TrieSW>();
    		this.isWord = false;
    	public void addWord(String word) {
    		char[] chars = word.toCharArray();
    		TrieSW current = this;
    		for(char c:chars) {
    			if(!current.children.containsKey(c)) current.children.put(c, new TrieSW());
    			current = current.children.get(c);
    		current.isWord = true;
    	public void addWords(String[] words) {
    		for(String w:words) this.addWord(w);
    public class Solution {
    	int[] dx = {0,1,0,-1};
    	int[] dy = {1,0,-1,0};
    	public List<String> findWords(char[][] board, String[] words) {
            Set<String> foundWords = new HashSet<String>();
            if(board==null || words==null || board.length==0 || words.length==0) return new ArrayList<String>(foundWords);
            TrieSW trie = new TrieSW();
            StringBuilder currentWord = new StringBuilder();
            boolean[][] visited = new boolean[board.length][board[0].length];
            for(int i=0;i<board.length;i++) {
            	for(int j=0;j<board[i].length;j++) {
            return new ArrayList<String>(foundWords);
    	public void search(char[][] board, int y, int x, boolean[][] visited, TrieSW trie, StringBuilder currentWord, Set<String> foundWords) {
    		char c = board[y][x];
    		TrieSW current = trie.children.get(c);
    		if(current.isWord) foundWords.add(currentWord.toString());
    		visited[y][x] = true;
    		for(Move m: possMoves(board,y,x,visited,current)) {
    		visited[y][x] = false;
    	public List<Move> possMoves(char[][] board, int y, int x, boolean[][] visited, TrieSW trie) {
    		List<Move> moves = new ArrayList<Move>();
    		for(int d=0; d<dx.length; d++) {
    			int newX = x+dx[d];
    			int newY = y+dy[d];
    			if(isInBound(newY,newX,board) && trie.children.containsKey(board[newY][newX]) && !visited[newY][newX])
    				moves.add(new Move(newX,newY));
    		return moves;
    	private boolean isInBound(int y, int x, char[][] board) {
    		return x>=0 && y>=0 && y<board.length && x<board[y].length;

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