The answer is unique?

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    Here is my python code.

    def flatten(self, root):
    	:type root: TreeNode
    	:rtype: void Do not return anything, modify root in-place instead.
    	tmp, rightMost = root, root
    	while(tmp != None):
    		if(tmp.left != None):
    			while(rightMost != None and rightMost.right != None):
    				rightMost = rightMost.right
    			rightMost.right = tmp.left
    			tmp.left = None
    		tmp = tmp.right

    I think the answer is not unique, it just requires to convert a tree to a link list.

    If the tree is like 2<-1->3, (2,3 is the left and right child of 1 respectively),

    my program get 1->3->2, but OJ tells me that it is wrong and the correct answer is 1->2->3.

    I do not understand.

    Can anyone tell me why?


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    Apparently it's because the problem setter had a particular solution/order in mind and forgot to specify it. I pointed this out as well.

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    Yeah, I read your discuss in that BBS, but I can not replay there, I totally agree with you. You need the hind only when you have no idea how to solve the problem. It is not for problem description or requirement.

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