Test Case not considered

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    The test case with n = INT_MIN and x between 0 to 1 is not considered.
    My answer is accepted with this if condition at the beginning

    if ( n == INT_MIN){
       if (x==1.0 || x== -1.0){
           return 1.0;
           return 0.0;

    which is incorrect. Please add a test case.

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    In principle double precision has 52 sig-figs in binary expression, which is larger than int (31). That means pow(x, INT_MIN) could be any value as long as x is closer enough to +-1.

    So perhaps the only workaround is to calculate pow(x, INT_MIN+1)/x, if the algorithm has utilized the Math.abs() function.

    That could make some nasty corner cases.

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