Heapq for python AC code.

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    # Definition for singly-linked list.
    # class ListNode(object):
    #     def __init__(self, x):
    #         self.val = x
    #         self.next = None
    class Solution(object):
        def mergeKLists(self, lists):
            :type lists: List[ListNode]
            :rtype: ListNode
            if not lists:
                return []
            heap = []
            firstlists = []
            for i in range(len(lists)):
            for i in range(len(firstlists)):
                if firstlists[i]:
                    val = firstlists[i].val
                    firstlists[i] = firstlists[i].next
                    heapq.heappush(heap, (val, i))
            result = []
            while heap:
                val, index = heapq.heappop(heap)
                if firstlists[index]:
                    val = firstlists[index].val
                    firstlists[index] = firstlists[index].next
                    heapq.heappush(heap, (val, index))
            return result

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    Why do we need to copy the original list to the firstlists before we do merge?

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