It should be right, but Runtime Error??

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    class Solution:
            # @param a list of integers
            # @return an integer
        def removeDuplicates(self,A):
            if A == []: 
            	index = 0 
            	index = 1 
            	for i in range(1,len(A)): 
            		if A[i] != A[i-1]:
            		    A[index] = A[i]
            			index += 1
            for i in range(len(A)- index):
            return index

    Runtime Error Message: Line 12: IndentationError: unexpected indent
    Last executed input: []
    Could anyone please help me firgure out what's wrong? The code was all right running on my PC... :(

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    To make it work, you have the remove the last for loop.

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