C++ Easy Solution using binary search

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    // Remember to use INT64 to avoid overflow.
    bool isBadVersion(int version);
    class Solution {
        int firstBadVersion(int n) {
            int ans = n;
            if(n < 2)
                return n;
            long long l = 1, r = n;
            while(l <= r){
                long long mid = (l + r)>>1;
                    ans = (int)mid;
                    r = mid - 1;
                    l = mid + 1;
            return ans;

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    what prompted you to use long long int? My logic was right, but only after i changed my type to long long, was the solution accepted. Before that some garbage value was the o/p.

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    I think it is my experience that tells me to do so ... When we add two INT32, we should always be careful for the overflow.

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