Why do i get a run time error

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     double findMedianSortedArrays(int A[], int m, int B[], int n) {
         int i=m-1,j=n-1,len=m+n-1;
         if (m==0){
            if(j%2==0) return B[j/2];
            if(j%2==1) return (B[j/2]+B[(j+1)/2])/2;
       //  if(len==0) return -1;
             if(A[i]>=B[j]) A[len--]=A[i--];-
             else A[len--]=B[j--];
         if(i==-1) {
             while(j>=0) A[len--]=B[j--];
         if(len%2==0) return A[len/2];
         if(len%2==1) return (A[len/2]+A[(len+1)/2])/2;

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    Unlike Merge Sorted Arrays, in this problem, the arrays really are that length. The variables are simply provided as a convenience in C++. Java and Python don't have them.

    Let A(m) and B(n) both be length 5. Then the values i and j are 4, and len is 9. Since both i and j are 4, they are greater than 0, so the loop is entered. At this point, it doesn't matter the values in A and B, since both use A[len--]. 9 is far beyond the limits of A, so the program crashes with a runtime error.

    For your algorithm, you need to create a third array of length m+n, then use that instead of A in the loops.

    However, your current solution takes O(n+m) time, and so violates

    The overall run time complexity should be O(log (m+n)).

    Even changing the algorithm to use the third array will likely fail due to TLE.

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