1-liner in Ruby / Python

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    def first_bad_version(n)
      (1..n).bsearch { |i| is_bad_version(i) }


    def first_bad_version(n)


    In Python I was only able to do it with a rather ugly wrapper:

    def firstBadVersion(self, n):
        return bisect.bisect(type('', (), {'__getitem__': lambda self, i: isBadVersion(i)})(), False, 0, n)

    Nicer, more readable version:

    def firstBadVersion(self, n):
        class Wrap:
            def __getitem__(self, i):
                return isBadVersion(i)
        return bisect.bisect(Wrap(), False, 0, n)

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    For the nicer, more readable one, isn't the versions start from 1?

    return bisect.bisect(Wrap(), False, 1, n)

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    Nice for Wrapper. I was wondering how to use bisect and I found your solution.

    Here is my 1-liner recursion solution.

    def firstBadVersion(self, right, left = 1):
            return right if right == left \
                else self.firstBadVersion((left + right) / 2, left) if isBadVersion((left + right) / 2) \
                else self.firstBadVersion(right, (left + right) / 2 + 1)

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    @lee215 How about a 1-liner using reduce?

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