2 lines O(n) Ruby with explanation/proof

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    def find_celebrity(n)
      candi = (0...n).max { |new, old| knows(old, new) ? 1 : 0 }
      (0...n).all? { |i| i == candi || knows(i, candi) && !knows(candi, i) } ? candi : -1

    First find a candidate "most known" person by going through everybody and replacing the old candidate with the new person if the old candidate knows that new person. The max function can be abused for that.

    Everybody who's not the final candidate either never were the candidate (because when they were considered, the then-candidate didn't know them) or once were the candidate but then got replaced (because they knew someone else). In either case, they're not a celebrity, so if there's a celebrity, it really must be the candidate.

    And then just check the candidate against the celebrity definition.

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