Apply a funtion on sorted array

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    Taken from the google interview question here

    Suppose that you have a sorted array of integers (positive or negative). You want to apply a function of the form f(x) = a * x^2 + b * x + c to each element x of the array such that the resulting array is still sorted. Implement this in Java or C++. The input are the initial sorted array and the function parameters (a, b and c).

    Do you think we can do it with O(n) time?

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    the question is rather easy, you know the f(x) is a parabolic curve, 
    you first need to figure out the x-axis of the highest/lowest point,
    and then count number one by one from the lowest or from two end of 
    the array

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    a*x^2 + b * x + c is monotonically increasing or decreasing on the two side of x_mid == -b / 2a. so if the number in the input array is all to the left or right of x_mid, the function would still remain sorted. If the number s in the input array overlap with x_mid, then starting from both end, the number with distance furthest to x_mid should be evaluated first.

    a == 0 is a special case where the function become linear, and the resulting array is sorted.

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