Python Compile Error

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    does OJ support Python import collections Counter? (yes)



    can you help me look at my code at ?

    class Solution:
        # @param points, a list of Points
        # @return an integer
        def maxPoints(self, points):
            def eval(a, b):
                if a.x-b.x == 0 and a.y-b.y == 0:
                    return 'identical'
                if a.x-b.x == 0:
                    return float("inf")
                return (float(a.y-b.y)/(a.x-b.x))
            if len(points) == 0:
                return 0
            slopematrix = [[eval(a,b) for b in points] for a in points]
            MaxPoints = 0
            for idx, slopes in enumerate(slopematrix):
                counter = collections.Counter(slopes)
                for i in counter.most_common():
                    slope = i[0]
                    count = i[1]
                    if slope == 'identical' and count > MaxPoints:
                        MaxPoints = count
                    count = i[1] + counter['identical']
                    if slope != 'identical' and slope != float("inf") and count > MaxPoints:
                        MaxPoints = count
            return MaxPoints

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    Yes, we imported collections. So, please use 'Counter' as below:

        cnt = collections.Counter()

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    Ok so it's not the reason for compile error

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    I keep getting Runtime Error without any additional message... Tried a few test cases on my local machine and it passed successfully. Have no idea why it happens.

    Edit: figured out mine was because of something like max([]).

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