It seems the board for Python language is not correct?

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    I think the board for Python language should not be [ ["ABCE"], ["SFCS"], ["ADEE"] ], since for Python language string is immutable, we can not assign value like board[i][j] = "#". The board should be initialied as [ ["A", "B", "C", "E"], ["S", "F", "C", "S"], ["A", "D", "E", "E"] ] . The function input is type board: List[List[str]], which implies the inner parameter should be a list of strings . Word Search II gives the right figure.

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    Yes, the problem description is misleading. What the input really is List of Strings rather than List of List of Strings.

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    I have just updated Word Search's problem description so it is consistent with Word Search II.

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    This is not actually true. The inner representation is a List of List of Strings of size 1, although in custom input is different and looks like List of Strings.

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