Why does this simple Python code fail the test for "()" ?

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    The code:

    class Solution(object):
        def isValid(self, str):
            stack = []
            map = {'{':'}','(':')','[':']'}
            for s in str:
                if s in map.keys():
                elif not stack or map[stack.pop()] is not s:
                    return False
            return not stack

    I wrote tests to check the code on my machine. The tests pass, but they fail the same tests when submitted.

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    You shouldn't rely on equal-value strings being the same object. Use != instead of is not.

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    Ah, thanks! That worked. Do you know why this worked on my machine?

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    Python does some string interning and I think that's what makes it for for you. I don't know when exactly it does, I think it mainly has to do with where the strings come from. You can find out more by googling Python string interning.

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