Simple c++ solution with comments

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    class Solution {
    bool isPalindrome(ListNode* head) {

      if(head == NULL) return true;           // If there is no tree return true
      vector<int> A;                          // Define a vector to store results
      while(head != NULL){
         A.push_back(head->val);             // Store all the linked list value into the vector A until it reaches to the end
         head = head->next;
      vector<int> B;                        // Make a copy of the linked list into another vector B
      B = A;
      reverse(A.begin(), A.end());         // Reverse the vector A, but B is still the original linked list
      return A == B;                      // Return true if they are same


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    Hint : space is supposed to O(1).

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    Of course my solution was O(n) space. Why don't we try to improve the solution with O(1) space with comments? It will be helpful for all of us!!!

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