C++ code with short cut

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     // We definitely need to calculate the height of each node
    // Actually when we calculate the height, we can perform the balance check at the same time
    // this help function just did this
    class Solution {
        bool isBalancedTreeHelper(TreeNode* root,int&depth)
                depth = 0;
                return true;
            int left,right;
            // Notice, the logic operation is shortcut
            // once the left tree is judged to be unbalanced, then the right tree will not be judged
            if(isBalancedTreeHelper(root->left,left) && isBalancedTreeHelper(root->right,right) && abs(left-right)<2){
                depth = max(left,right)+1;
                return true;
            return false;
        bool isBalanced(TreeNode* root) {
            int depth;
            return isBalancedTreeHelper(root,depth);

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    After isBalancedTreeHelper(root->right,right) call gets complete, wouldn't values of left and right variables be same? Because left and right are alias to depth variable.

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