Why the accepted programs can't get correct answer for two cases?

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    when considering the problem, I write several cases to test before submit. After some trying, finally I gave up, and decided to see other peoples' idea. Then I see some claimed AC program, yes, they did got AC on leetcode, and I understand the algorithm behind them. But could you guys tell why the following cases won't pass.

    {120,121,119,117,116,115}, // expect 118
    {8,7,5,4,9,12,11,10}       // expect 6

    the problem itself just stated unsorted integer array, and I think the two cases I list above is valid?

    The program I tested including these:

    "my c solution 4ms"

    "my short c solution o(1) space and o(n) time"

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    What do those programs return for those cases? And why do you expect 118 and 6 for them? The correct answer for both is 1.

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    why should we expected 1 instead of 118 and 6? The problem does not say that the the values should come from 1,2,3,..,n. Ok, I see you point. My misunderstanding originate from how I understand 'miss', I take it as first positive integer missed in a consecutive serie.

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    Your understanding is not bad, while it maybe not the expectation of this question.

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