My simple C++ solution, using a hash-like data structure

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    bool canPermutePalindrome(string s) {
        int dict[256] = {0};
        for (auto c: s)
        int cnt = 0;
        for (int i=0; i<256; i++){
            if (dict[i] % 2 != 0)   cnt++;
        return cnt<=1;

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    nice. you could as well break when cnt becomes > 1

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    good suggestion. thanks

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    I am so sorry for my question.
    I am very new to programming.
    can you clarify for me what auto c: s and dict[c]++ do?
    And how we understand what letter/string is what?

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    auto c : s iterates through the passed string s.
    dict[c]++ increments the counter to move to the next index .
    He is using 256 cause extended ascii table runs from 0 -255;
    so "a" get stored at dict[97] , b gets stored at dict[98] so on and so forth.

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