Easy java solution (using a head node trick)

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    public class Solution {
    public ListNode removeElements(ListNode head, int val) {
         *using a headnode , headnode's next always point to the real head
         *headnode don't save data, but it can simplify the delete operation
        ListNode headNode = new ListNode(0); 
        headNode.next = head;
        ListNode pre = headNode;
        while(head != null){
            if(head.val == val)
                pre.next = head.next ; //remove element
            head = head.next; //move to next
        return headNode.next;


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    please tell me why didnt the headNode changed when you changed the pre ?? Arent both of them pointing to the same reference ?? so when you change one of them the other should automatically change too ??

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    No, they do not really point to the same reference. Only pre points to headNode. When you set pre to a new reference, headNode still points to the old reference.

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