Python simple solution

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    just writing my python solution, I know this will not be the best answer, but i think this one is easy to read.

        for p in 2,3,5:
            while num%p == 0 and num >0:
                num /= p 
        return num == 1:

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    if someBooleanExpression:
        return True
        return False

    is ridiculous in general, but if it's like half of your whole code... come on... just do

    return num == 1

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    sorry, I m a beginner. I have though about this question before, but I am still confused.
    if I just return num ==1, so how about the False condition?

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    What about it? If num == 1 is True, then return num == 1 returns True, and if it is False, then that returns False.

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