Using dfs to solve this problem with detail comment

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    The main idea is to build a balanced tree first and set the value of the nodes when traversing the tree with inorder traversing. Inorder traversal a binary search tree output a ascending list. So we use inorder to set the tree nodes correctly.

    # @param root, a tree node
    # @param head, a list node
    # @return a list node
    def buildTreeWithSortedList(self, root, head):
    	if not root.left and not root.right:
    		root.val = head.val
    	if root.left:
    		head = self.buildTreeWithSortedList(root.left, head)
    	root.val = head.val
    	head =
    	if root.right:
    		head = self.buildTreeWithSortedList(root.right, head)
    	return head
    # @param head, a list node
    # @return a tree node
    def sortedListToBST(self, head):
    	if not head: return None
    	#step1. build tree using a queue.
    	root = TreeNode(0)
    	queue = [root]
    	count = 1
    	l =
    	while l:
    		cur = queue.pop(0)
    		if l:
    			cur.left = TreeNode(0)
    			l =
    		if l:
    			cur.right = TreeNode(0)
    			l =
    	#step2. use DFS to set the value of each tree node
    	self.buildTreeWithSortedList(root, head)
    	return root

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