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    Ideas based on : zhiqing_xiao's Solution

    class Solution:
        # @param {integer[]} nums
        # @return {integer[]}
        def singleNumber(self, nums):
            xor = reduce(operator.xor, nums)
            ans = reduce(operator.xor, filter(lambda x : x & xor & -xor, nums))
            return [ans, ans ^ xor]

    Detailed explanations : leetcode-single-number-iii in my blog (in Chinese)

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    A bit shorter and faster:

    ans = reduce(operator.xor, (x for x in nums if x & xor & -xor))

    The speed difference isn't noticeable with the given inputs, but you can see it like this (about 384 ms for the generator, about 504 ms for the filter+lambda)

    for _ in range(100):
        ans = reduce(operator.xor, (x for x in nums if x & xor & -xor))

    More lines but actually fewer printable characters and even faster (about 293 ms):

        ans = 0
        for x in nums:
            if x & xor & -xor:
                ans ^= x

    All times are averages of three submissions each.

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    yup, (x for x in nums if x & xor & -xor) is more efficient than filter function :D

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    Nice code, good example of reduce, filter, lambda clauses in Python!

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