My simple python solution for distinct permutation

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    When I first saw the problem, somehow my brain believed the point is to remove duplicated results..

    Anyway this is my code:

    def permute(self, nums):
        if not nums: return []
        results = []
        self.perm(nums, [], results)
        return results
    def perm(self, nums, result, results):
        prev = []
        for num in nums:
            if prev != num:
                prev = num
                newnums = nums[:]
                if len(newnums) > 0:
                    self.perm(newnums, result+[num], results)

    I found that most of other posted python solution will run for a long time, in input like [1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0]

    Well if the answer with duplications is required, I can simply duplicate my output, for example, 10! time in above case that has 10 zeros.

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