When is it cheating to use libraries?

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    The first thing I thought when I saw this problem was, "Cross product." So I simply used python's built in itertools to do the cross product, after mapping the digits to the correct letters:

    class Solution:
        # @return a list of strings, [s1, s2]
        def letterCombinations(self, digits):
            possibleLetters = map(lambda s:list(keys.get(s)),digits)
            possibleCombinations = list(itertools.product(*possibleLetters))
            return list(map(''.join,possibleCombinations))

    Is this relying too much on the libraries provided in python?

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    I would love to avoid powerful libraries.

    It is true that python always make life easier.

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    I don't agree. Some builtin libraries is the part of the language. Avoid using the libraries is keeping the good part of the language away.

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