Share a recursive solution with memoization

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    The idea is to try every solutions (sounds like a brute force method) and keep (memoize) them in the HashMap. If we already save the solution, we won't compute it again, thus saving time.

    public boolean isInterleave(String s1, String s2, String s3) {
                if(s1.length()+s2.length() != s3.length())
                    return false;
                HashMap<String, Boolean> hm = new HashMap<String, Boolean>();
                hm.put(",", true);
                return isInterleave(s1, s2, s3, hm);
            private boolean isInterleave(String s1, String s2, String s3, HashMap<String, Boolean> hm) {
                String temp = s1+","+s2;
                    return hm.get(temp);
                boolean left = false, right= false;
                if(s1.length()!=0 && s1.charAt(0)==s3.charAt(0))
                    left = isInterleave(s1.substring(1),  s2,  s3.substring(1), hm);
                if(s2.length()!=0 && s2.charAt(0)==s3.charAt(0))
                    right = isInterleave(s1,  s2.substring(1),  s3.substring(1), hm);
                hm.put(temp, left||right);
                return left||right;

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