A 16ms solution,Cpp

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    class Solution {  public:
    void deleteNode(ListNode* node) {
        ListNode* front,*rear;
        //rear always points the next node of front
        front = node;
        rear = front->next;
        //move front and rear until rear points the last node;
        while(rear->next != NULL)
            front->val = rear->val;
            rear = rear->next;
            front = front->next;
        //The last time that rear puts its val into front
        front->val = rear->val;
        delete rear;
        front->next = NULL;
    }  };

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    厉害! 我想了半天终于明白了! Amazing! I finally figured it out after several guessing

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    Why not just copy the value of the next node to this node and delete the next node.

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