One missing test for the OJ

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    Hi, I was going through my code which is accepted by OJ. However, I found one case which should return False get an True from my code. . Hope the OJ could add that case in the future

    "a", ".*.."

    If my understanding of the problem is correct, ".*.." should match any strings with length longer than two, but not strings with length 1.

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    Thanks. I've just added the test case you suggested.

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    Hi, if it is not too trouble, could you add more test cases? It just occurred to me that ".* ..a* " should match any expression that matches ".* .."
    So I think it is interesting to add the test cases: "a" vs ".* ..a* ". , "ab" vs ".* ..", "ab" vs ".* ..c* ". etc.

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    Thank you so much. These are all awesome test cases. I have added the three test cases you suggested:

    1. "a", ".*..a*"
    2. "ab", ".*.."
    3. "ab", ".*..c*"

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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