Someone please clarify the problem statement

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    Hi, to me problem statement is super unclear and vague, can someone explain more with more testcases?

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    This problem is about the version of any app.
    for example for an app
    version1 = 1.1
    version2 = 2.2;
    or version1 = 2.2 and version2 = 1.1;

    `if( version1 > version2)
    return 1;

    else if( version1 < version2)
    return -1;

    else return 0;`

    finally we have to insure that

    case 1: if version1 is newer compare to version2 then return 1 .

    case 2: if version1 is older compare to version2 then return -1 .

    case 3: if version1 and version2 are same then return 0 .

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    got it thanks

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