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    void deleteNode(struct ListNode* node) {
    node->val = node->next->val;
    node->next = node->next->next;

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    Don't forget to free the node that you deleted.

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    If you don't care about freeing, there's a one-line solution:

    *node = *(node->next);

    To free this one you need to do this:

    struct ListNode* tofree = node->next;
    *node = *(node->next);

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    Hi lee17,
    I don't quite get it..
    tofree points to the node after "to-be-delete" node. Why would you want to free it ?

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    The content of the "tofree" is copied to "node" , so "tofree" can be freed. The point is we need to remove the node containing a specific val, not the node pointed by "node"

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