Setting up a local array is accepted. Still not sure about the extra space.

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    This is my accepted answer. There is an array, reverse[20] that was used without giving much thought about 'extra space' constraint. After becoming aware and searching through discussions, I am still not sure how 'extra space' constraint applies to.

    bool isPalindrome(int x) {
        // Palindrome is for 0 <= x
        // One digit integers are palindromes by definition
        if (x < 0) return false;
        else if (x < 10) return true;
        int count = 0;
        int reverse[20]; // should cover the 64bit case
        do {
            reverse[count++] = x % 10;
            x = x / 10;
        } while (x != 0);
        bool result = true;
        // comparing both halves are enough
        for (int i=0; i<count/2; ++i)
            if (reverse[i] != reverse[count-1-i])
                result = false;
        return result;

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    You don't need an extra space actually. You can use "int result" to store the reversed number, not array. for example,int temp = x; int result = 0; while(temp != 0) {result = result*10 + temp%10; temp /= 10;} After this, compare result and x to see if they are equal. If they are, return true. Or else return false.

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    do not set up space such as arrays or strings. setting up varibles like int is OK.

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    is the correct understanding for this constraint - "Do this without extra space"?

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