Runtime Error with no specific error

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    My java code, last executed input is 0.000001, 2147483647. Runtime error. Anyone can help?

    public double pow(double x, int n) {
        double[] array1 = new double[Math.abs(n)];
        for (int i = 0; i<Math.abs(n); i++){
                if (i==0)
                array1[i] = x;
                array1[i] =array1[i-1]*x; 
        return 1;
        return array1[array1.length-1];
        return 1.0/array1[array1.length-1];

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    Your solution is impractical. It loops n times, uses O(n) memory, and can cause 'divide by 0' error when '1.0/array1[array1.length-1]' is executed and array1[array1.length-1] happens to be 0. When n is very large, it would become too much inefficient in terms of both space and time complexity. There is actually an O(logN) algorithm for this problem. Try to find it!

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