No matching function for call to 'sort(std::vector<Interval>::iterator,..., <unresolved overloaded function type>)

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    Dear all,
    As the title mentioned, when I upload my code, the problem always shows up, but it runs well in my machine, with vs 2008.
    Would you please tell me why it happens?

    class Solution {
        bool compareInterval( const Interval& first, const Interval& second ) {
    	    return first.start < second.start;
        vector<Interval> merge(vector<Interval> &intervals) {
            int size = intervals.size();
    	    if( size < 2 )
    		    return intervals;
    	    sort( intervals.begin(), intervals.end(), compareInterval );
            int fStart = intervals[0].start;
            int fEnd = intervals[0].end;
            vector< Interval > newintervals;
            for( int i = 1; i< size; ++i ) {
               int curStart = intervals[i].start;
               int curEnd = intervals[i].end;
               if( fEnd >= curStart && fEnd <= curEnd ) {
                    fEnd = curEnd;              
               } else if ( fEnd < curStart) {
                   newintervals.push_back( Interval(fStart, fEnd ));
                   fEnd = curEnd;
                   fStart = curStart;
            newintervals.push_back( Interval(fStart, fEnd ));
            return newintervals;


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    haha, the same question I asked before, this is a function of a class, it will create a instance to call it, so for when the parameter is a function, it need to call a static member function of a class, I guess you do not use class to test in your local machine.

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