Accepted C++ solution with explanation in comments

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    class Solution {
       void deleteNode(ListNode* node) {
          ListNode* nextNode = node->next; // get next node.
          node->val = node->next->val; // current node becomes next node.
          node->next = nextNode->next; // the actual next node becomes garbage, so we skip it.

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    It seems that in you code you do not "delete" a node.

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    I feel confused about why node->val=node->next->val?
    I think node->next->value should be deleted,and node->val=nextNode->next->val.

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    The question asks you to delete the input node. Since I don't have the access to the previous node, the only thing I can do is mutate the input node into the next node, and let it point to the one after next one. As a result, the input node disappears. You can use an example to verify my code.

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    sorry when the node is the last node of the list; your code make nothing.

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